Monday, 22 July 2013

The ponies break free

We got woken up to a loud crash Sunday am. Thinking it was Comet in the kitchen wrestling another poor bunny (a favourite of hers at the moment) we went back to sleep but when it happened again we thought we had better investigate.

It turned out it wasn't Comet after all but that the ponies had got into our garden and had knocked over some scrap metal we had lying around!

Cheeky little so and so's they have 10 acres to roam but no they want to be in our garden!

Anyway we had to entice them out with feed and then spent the next 3 hours proofing the garden & orchard with extra fences and gates, only to find them at our newly erected gate trying to get in again about 5 mins after getting them out! I think we have succeeded as so far they haven't managed to get back in ;0)

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