Sunday, 14 October 2012

1 room finished

Finally the bathroom is finished on a shoe string ;0)

The suite was left by the previous owner in a bedroom.
The tiles are old slate roofs we found in a barn.
The paint we found in the utility room.
The chair & toilet cupboard were found in a barn.
The mirror was in the sink room.
We also found the chest of drawers at the side of a road when we lived in Fleet.
The curtain pole is a tree branch found at the back of the house.

All we need to do now is save up for a shower! Come on PPI...

Brief house update

Finally we have had the woodworm in the loft treated at great expense and also we have had free loft insulation fitted, so hopefully we can retain any heat we manage to make in the house.

The next step is to get a wood burning stove fitted in the lounge before the beginning of December as ole smokey was condemned.

Steve has also been digging the water pipes underground to save them from freezing.


Finally the brambles have produced some fruit although due to the weather we have had this year we haven't got a many as we would have liked considering how many brambles we have everywhere.

Thanks to Sarah, Jules and Helen for helping to start the harvest.

We have managed to gather, sloes for sloe gin, haws for haw sauce, rosehips for rose hip & apple jelly and of course elderberries and blackberries for jam...Yum!

The best ones were always right at the top of the trees!

Blackberry, elderberry & apple jam


Rosehip & apple jelly
Haws for haw sauce

Finally cleared

A huge thanks to Steve's dad Spencer and his godfather Derek for their stint whilst looking after our roost and to friends Mossy, Gen and Rick who helped when they visited us in August.

The garden area is now free of brambles and we need to start planning the veggie patch ready for spring...

The mouser arrives!

Due to the fact the mice have decided to set up camp in our roof and under the floors in the house we were thinking of getting a farm cat to help us out with the situation. Then one of Steve's colleagues at work mentioned she had a kitten that needed a home so we decided it was fate and Comet became the newsest member of the Watson solar system ;0).

Comet arrives

First outing
Meeting the ducks
Straight up the Mulberry tree

Star has started to tolerate her now after 3 months and now the fight is on for the best lap position!

All grown up