Saturday, 5 October 2013

Treehouse clearing

My cousin David has been helping us clear the final two treehouse plots that still needed to be surveyed but they were so over grown they weren't accessible.

...and one more duck

Now we have a nice family of chickens we wanted to round up our ducks to four so they could pair off if needed. We always thought Peia was a bit of a third wheel and we are hoping that our new duck will be a friend for her.

Meet Luna, a Welsh Harlequin

Babs, Cassio, Peia & Luna

Finally we get chickens!

A massive thanks for their joint effort, Steve's Dad Spencer, my cousin David, brother in law Macca and Steve in turning an overgrown set of pigsties into a chicken haven.

We now have 6 chickens who are happily settled in.

4 chickens came from Stuart & Angela of Brynheulog who specialise in rare breeds (we also got Babs and Peia the duck from them).

They have all settled in nicely, but unfortunately I don't think we will have eggs until spring next year now that winter is drawing near.

The ducks check out the new chicken enclosure and try and take it for them selves!

Meet the chickens!
Solar a Golden Laced Orpington
Red a Cuckoo Maran & Dwarf a bluebell
Orbit a Plymouth Black Rock
Super a Frizzel Pekin Bantam
Nova a Frizzel Pekin Bantam

Cheeky ponies

The ponies have been keeping us on our toes, they are always looking for their next escape route! They are much more intelligent and cheeky than we anticipated.

We have had to take action erecting more fences and gates but we ended up being completely fenced in, so Steve built us a stile so we can get out and about.

Veg patch hoard

We have had a good crop considering this is our first year growing, but boy we have also learnt a few lessons along the way!

The largest being that we have seem to have an unusual amount of cabbage white butterflies which we didn't expect and so didn't prepare for the onslaught, needless to say all our brassicas have been demolished, only sticks are left where once bushy kale grew ;0(

So next year it is nets all the way!

Here are a few pics of our successes :0)