Monday, 21 May 2012

They're growing up so quickly!

Babs & Julio continue to grow up fast, it will be time to put them outside soon so Steve and I worked hard this weekend to get the ducks quarters in order. They are not quite ready to sleep outside but spend most of the day out there now.

They seemed to like it and today they worked out they could actually get in and out of the water by themselves and so spent most of the day doing just that!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

A week of nature

It has been and eventful week here...

Thursday I went to the kitchen to fix lunch to find one of the swallows that is nesting in the barns opposite the house had flown into our house. I managed to grab it eventually and fling him out the door. I guess they are so used to flying in and out of buildings why should our house be any different?!

We have put up a beaded curtain now to hopefully deter wildlife from venturing inside when we have the door open.

Friday I was walking Star and found that the field next door was home now to a few horses who came to say hello.

Today we finally managed to capture the woodpecker on camera...

...the tawny owl that lives in the left barn came out to snooze in the sun.

...we uncovered a couple of toads while clearing the courtyard.

and a little mouse had supper under the bird feeder.

Finally a sink in the bathroom

Steve & Si worked all hours last weekend to stop the leak at the side of the house and get our bathroom fitted.

We are really fortunate that the previous owners of our house left a brand new bath, sink and toilet to be fitted.

It is great to finally have a sink in the bathroom....we just need to tile, paint and save up for a shower.

A huge thanks to Si for all his help and expertise ;0)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Steve's BBQ

As we had so much stuff to move we didn't end up with any room in the lorry to take our BBQ ;0( and left it behind in Farnborough.

So Steve has managed to construct a temporary new one for us out of some salvaged bits found in the barns.
A feast was had...

Weekend helpers

The clearing of our garden continues, more brambles to burn and another dilapidated barn to knock down. Thanks to Si, Mossy & Rick for their help last weekend.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The ducklings go swimming

As it was a sunny weekend we decided to take the ducks out for their first outing.