Monday, 30 April 2012

Meet Babs & Julio

We picked up our little ducklings this morning. The yellow duckling is an Apricot Crested and the grey/yellow one is an Apricot mix.

Meet Babs & Julio named after Steve's previous bosses, the best leaving present ever, a huge thanks to Emma, Racheal & Nicky.

They are settling in well and are chirping away quite happily.

Star is curious as to what these strange beings are and is excited to have them around, but when introduced she started to lick her lips so we got a little worried and have now made sure they are well out of reach. Maybe we will introduce them again when they are a bit bigger!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Operation garden

With summer approaching we wanted to get some kind of garden in order so we can enjoy the sunshine and have a few BBQ's.

We have decided to make the land at the side of the house into our garden, we plan to knock down the lean to barns to make a sun terrace/BBQ area, clear space for a veg patch and plant and some fruit trees at the bottom to make a mini orchard.

Let the war with the brambles and the stinging nettles commence!

Some of the brambles are so established I swear they are actually trees and that's not including the brambles that are so high they are growing in the trees!

A huge thanks to our Easter weekend family helpers.

We made some serious headway but there is still a way to go.