Thursday, 26 January 2012

The move!

Well after a stressful 'are we moving, aren't we moving', buyers pulling out at exchange and coming back on board in the last hour, we finally moved on the 10th January 2012.
The van just fits in!

We are slowly getting used to having no heating again and managing the wood burning stove which I have named 'ole smokey'.

So far we have found 3 more damp patches, a dead mouse that had taken a swim in a bucket holding the leaking tap water which was carefully hidden under the kitchen sink and a rotten beam in the utility room which crumbles to powder when you rub your fingers together!

But we have had a fantastic foggy view over the valley ;0)

The courtyard
Our new home

Foggy view across the valley

The next battle that has commenced is the fight to get our phone and internet connected. Sky & BT have been useless and after waiting almost a month already to get connected, it transpired yesterday that our order was completely messed up and now we have to wait till the 13th Feb for the phone and the 27th Feb for the internet! consequently my posts may be a bit intermittent depending on where I can get connection...x