Monday, 22 July 2013

Strange beetroots

The veg patch is finally doing well but the horrible weather we had in May/June has had an effect and our courgettes have been a bit deformed, but finally seem to be growing normally with this injection of sun. We have been enjoying homegrown peas, mangetout and broad beans.

Following our green house disaster our carrots turned out to be love in a mist flowers, pretty but not edible! and the unidentifiable plant has made a come back but we still don't know what it is, I need to do more research.

Today we decided we would try a beetroot risotto for dinner and dug up a couple of our find that they were not round as expected but more like carrots.

The kale, broccoli and red cabbages are doing well but they have been ambushed by cabbage white butterflies today so I need to go out and wash off all other eggs before the whole crop is destroyed.

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