Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Finally some heat

We decided to make sure we got a wood burning stove in place to heat the lounge to help us through winter as we can't afford to put central heating in just yet.

The chimney needed opening up and as we were making such a mess we decided we would also decorate the lounge while we were there, address the ceiling that was starting to come down and also it was a great excuse to finally get rid of the hideous and dangerously wired lights ;0)

The doorway to the right was a later edition when the barn was added to make a kitchen, so as the chimney was opened up we found the original opening slightly off centre now, but as nothing in the house is straight or even we figured it didn't matter!

Salvaging again we found the wooden beam/sleeper in one of the barns and the quarry tiles outside in the garden. We were lucky that the parket floor was in fairly good condition so only needed a light sanding and wax/oiling.

It is so nice to have one room all finished and warm.

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