Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The felling of the trees

The first major job has commenced! 

The large trees at the back of the house have been felled. They were too close to the house and it was part of our mortgage agreement that they came down. Fortunately they are all softwood trees as we wouldn't have liked to cut down any of the old oaks. It was quite some task as they were so close to the house, surrounded by oaks that we didn't want to loose or damage and they're so tall! I have included some pictures and a small video here for you to see the enormity of the job. I think they felled more then 16 trees in the end! 

Our plan is to replant some hardwood varieties once the ground has been cleared, and of course not quite so close to the house.

Steve couldn't resist the temptation!

The last tree comes down

The only thing is now the back of the house is exposed it is clear it needs a lot of attention and a good paint job ;0) On the plus side the back of the house is much brighter now.

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